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The 5 Pillars to Living an Extrordinary Life

Learn how to transform your life just like Jenna did. Expand your mind and what's possible for your life! Learn how easy it is to change your behavior and start showing up how you want in life. It's time!

In her own words Jenna said, "I was sick of feeling depressed and stuck most days. I wanted to be happy and enjoy my days as a young mom. I hated feeling down as I did the laundry or dishes. I wanted to enjoy my life. I tried focusing on spending time with my babies, being present with them, and it helped a little but I still felt the same, no matter what I would do. I was reading the books, listening to all the podcasts, trying to workout consistently, connecting with family and friends, so why did I feel so stuck, depressed, and not like myself? I hated it. I started to blame my husband. He's the reason. If he helped me more, then I would be happy. If he didn't work all the time, then I would be happy. If he treated me better, then I would be happy.


There's so much more to this story, that I'm sure you'll hear or maybe you already have from my events or podcast, but my life didn't change, no matter what I did, until I hired a therapist and a coach. I had to learn how we as humans work. I had to gain an awareness and an understanding about my thoughts, emotions, and actions that I was never taught. Like why didn't I learn this stuff in school??


What changed my life was learning what I had control over, where my personal power was, and how I could easily change any aspect of my life with The Model. Now my days are filled with awareness, understanding, peace, frustration, happiness, sadness, depending on the day. But I can move through my emotions because I know what creates them. I know how to accept and shift them when I want to. I no longer live in a depressed and stuck place. That isn't my home, peace is."

It's time to fill your days with this awareness, understanding, and the peace that comes from doing the inner work. Jenna will teach you The 5 Pillars to Living an Extraordinary Life and give you all the tools she used to ditch the home of depression she was living in and trade it for peace and happiness.

It really is easy!

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