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Finding You Weekly Calls

Finding You Weekly Calls
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Finding You 9.4.23

Finding You 9.4.23


So Glad You're Here

I was sick of feeling depressed and stuck most days. I wanted to be happy and enjoy my days as a young mom. I tried focusing on spending time with my babies and being present with them. It helped a little but I still felt the same, no matter what I would do. I was reading the books, listening to all the podcasts, trying to workout consistently, connecting with family and friends, so why did I feel so depressed?

I started to blame my husband. He's the reason. If he helped me more, then I would be happy. If he didn't work all the time, then I would be happy. If he treated me better, then I would be happy. There's so much more to this story, that I'm sure you'll hear or maybe you already have from my events or podcast, but my life didn't change, no matter what I did, until I hired a therapist and a coach.


I had to learn how we as humans work. I had to gain an awareness and an understanding about my thoughts, emotions, and actions that I was never taught. Like why didn't I learn this stuff in school??


What changed my life was learning what I had control over, where my personal power was, and how I could easily change any aspect of my life with The Model.

Now my days are filled with awareness, understanding, peace, frustration, happiness, sadness, depending on the day. But I can move through my emotions because I know what creates them. I know how to accept and shift them when I want to. I no longer live in a depressed and stuck place. 


I have the tools to help me manage and change the way I feel when I want to.

Now it's my turn to be the coach.

Join us for a place where you can show up, listen, ask questions and learn all of these practical, easy tools that will help you manage your mental and emotional health. A place where you can receive support, not only from a Life Coach, but new friends too. A place away from social media so when you need a break you can still have your community and support when you need it the most.

It's time to fill your days with this awareness, understanding, and the peace that comes from doing the inner work. It's time to learn how you too can easily change your emotions and how you show up. It's time to invest in you and become who you know you can become. Show up as the wife, mom, and person you know you can be.

A Membership for Your
Mental + Emotional Health


Live Online Class Every Week

Come join us from wherever you are! Hop on your phone or computer for some weekly fun, connection, support, healing, learning, and growth.


  • A one hour coaching workshop every Monday, designed to help you manage your mental and emotional health.

  • Download your very own Finding You Workbook to get to know yourself a little better and have a place to record everything you learn.

  • Join the member only group on this website and app to recieve support outside of social media.


"I gained a system to really recognize how my thoughts and emotions relate. I've used these methods and it has changed the way I think! It has helped me see that I CAN overcome and be in charge of me!"


"I was able to shift my mindset with dealing with anxiety and seeing that emotions I thought were negative didn't have to be. And looking deeper to why I was feeling that way. I would totally encourage anyone doing it to go and be vulnerable. I told myself to just be real and let all the dirty laundry out per se but then I could work on it."


"Group Coaching is awesome! Loved that we all were in similar situations but in different ways. Loved talking openly and being in a safe place with no judgement."

What is the Finding You Membership / Event?

The Finding You Membership is all online with a Zoom call every week, workbook, and membership group on this website and app.

The Finding You Event is held twice a year to bring members together in-person!

When you become a member you'll receive discounts for in-person meet-ups and the Finding You Events.

Is there a time commitment or can I cancel at anytime?

You can join us for as long or as little as you would like! This membership is like a gym membership but for your mental and emotional health. We love having you in our community but we definitely won't make it hard if you need to leave. You can easily cancel at anytime in your account profile.

Is it really expensive?

Not at all. That is why I created this membership. To offer mental and emotional support, tools, and community with an affordable monthly payment. Offering it all online helps keep the costs low.

What do I get when I join Finding You?

- Hop on a live Zoom call every Monday to start your week

- Receive tools you can use every day in your life to help you manage your mental and emotional health

- Download and print your very own Finding You Workbook created by Jenna to get to know yourself a little better and a place for notes

- A community away from social media, for members only, right here on this website and app on your phone

- Receive support, make new friends, ask questions any time in our group

I'm really struggling but I don't want to do individual right now, would this be a good fit?

Yes! This membership program is for anyone that wants to really learn and apply strategies that change mental, emotional, and physical health.


For anyone that wants to understand the model to change behavior, how to accept your emotions and change them, what emotions are, how your thoughts create every result in your life, and so much more!

How do I know when the calls are? Do I have to watch them live every week?

When you join you will have access to the Finding You Calendar under your account. You can subscribe to the Finding You Google calendar.

No. You don't have to be live unless you want coaching. Every call will be recorded and uploaded to the website so you won't miss a thing!

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