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Finding You Workshop 2023

June 8th
July 6th
August 3rd

Ivy Loft
7 - 9pm


Remember when you'd have a sleepover in High School and you'd get all comfy and pile on the bed? You'd laugh, cry, and share what was on your heart...


The best kind of therapy right?


And then you grew up and sleepovers happened less and less and then you became a mom.


Yeah me too.

This workshop was designed just for you!

We need connection in our lives now more than ever.


It was designed to create a healing community.

A safe space.

A place not only to be supported and loved, but coached.

A place for learning and growth.


A place to take care of you.

You take care of everyone else, why not you?

The things in life you can control.

Your thoughts. Your emotions. Your actions.

Come learn how my friend.

It's life-changing.

See you there!

  • Finding You Workshop

    Every month
    A Self-Development Community
    Valid for 3 months
    • IN PERSON Two Hour Workshop Each Month
    • Private 'Finding You Workshop' Group on my Website and App
    • 20% Off Finding You Event Ticket in the Fall
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