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One year ago today we were blessed with the sweetest boy.

I just got home from going to a bedding warehouse sale and my husband said, I'm going to bed and went and laid down. I finished picking up a few things in the kitchen and was walking down the hall and my WATER BROKE!! We gathered our things and headed to the hospital. I labored all night and day. At 5pm I was a 5 and 90% effaced. A new nurse came at 6pm. She wanted to check me to see what progress had been made, if any, and empty my bladder. She said I don't know what you were but you're about a 7. She emptied my bladder and I felt some really heavy pressure. She had my turn on my right side and I felt that pressure again. She said we better check you again just in case. She said you're complete. You're a 10! I literally went from a 7 to a 10 in minutes. Pushed 3 times and Jackson Dee was born at 6:30pm!

This boy has been such a blessing. I knew there was something about him from the very beginning. He has the sweetest spirit. Such a patient, good baby. At around 8 months we noticed some abnormal eye movements and that he wasn't rolling or sitting yet. Even chunky Linc, his brother, was sitting at 8 months. And this whole process began... (Read Road to the Diagnosis). At 10 months old to the day we received a diagnosis for our sweet angel baby, Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Type 2. We're currently working with genetics to get the subtype. We have had tender mercy, after tender mercy. I know the Lord is in the detail of our lives. He lives. He knows us and loves us. Jackson has strengthened my testimony of the love our Father in Heaven has for us and His plan. This boy is a light in our family. We love him so much!

I went all out for his big day! I usually don't. I'm a minimalist, easy, type ;) but I wanted to go all out for this boy. I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at their party stuff and saw the lumberjack theme. Then I went to Pinterest. :) It was so fun seeing it all come together! It turned out great! Here are all the details...

Our lumberjack snacks included...

Mini pancakes = Flapjacks Strawberries & blueberries = Berry Picking Pretzels = Twigs

Cheeto Puffs = Campfire Flames Little Debbie Swiss Rolls = Logs

Trail mix & red vines

I did a log cake, cupcakes with a tree and ax, and his smash cake looked like a stack of pancakes. It was so cute & definitely one of my favorite parts!!

I got red/black balloons and a big silver 1 balloon for his highchair.

None of our fabric stores had the black/red checkered fabric. I found these sheets at Walmart! So I used the fitted twin sheet for the tablecloth and the sheet to put over his highchair. It worked perfect! I want to get sheets for tablecloths from now on. ;)

We had a log cake, cupcakes with a tree and ax, and his smash cake was a stack of pancakes!! So, so cute! Lee's Marketplace did a perfect job!

Found free printables on Pinterest for these cute water bottles!

I hung up my favorite Chapbook prints of him on our walls!

He loved all his new toys!!

We played a really fun game! You each have a nail in the log. You take turns hitting someone else's nail. When yours is all the way down you're out. We used a different kind of hammer so it makes it really hard to actually hit the nail ;) It was really fun!

Love this family of mine! Thank you so much to all those who came to celebrate our sweet boy with us!! We had a great time!!

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