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We LOVE Disneyland over here!! We've taken our son at 10 months old, 2 years old and 3 years old. We've also taken our 1 year old and 4 month old!

Here are my tips & tricks I've learned along the way! :)

Everyone asks, what can they ride? There's actually A LOT! If you have a carrier and like to wear your baby, you can wear them on the ride as well. Here is a list of the rides for ANY HEIGHT!


- Astro Blasters (Buzz ride)

- It's A Small World

- All the rides in Fantasyland

- Peter Pan

- Snow White (Kind of scary)

- Pinocchio (Kind of scary)

- Mr. Toad

- Dumbo

- Alice in Wonderland

- Casey Jr. Circus Train

- Mad Tea Party

- Storybook Land Canal Boats

- Toontown

- Jungle Cruise

- Tarzan's Treehouse

- Haunted Mansion

- Winnie the Pooh

- Astro Orbitor

- Tiki Room

- Finding Nemo

- Pirates of the Caribbean


- Cars Land

- The Little Mermaid

- Toy Story Mania

- A Bug's Land

- Mickey's Fun Wheel

- Monster's Inc.


Get Away Today ( is a great website to find hotels, theme park tickets, and character breakfast tickets. They have great deals and will price match! The cheapest I've found Disney tickets is Disney is like Apple and the tickets don't fluctuate very much. But saving is saving right?!


We've done 3 days most times we've gone and the last time we went we did 5 days!! 3 is totally doable but it's pretty busy. The more days you have the less you have to worry about hurrying to the next ride and you can relax and enjoy more! Like Cars Land... I could chill there all day. It's my favorite!! :) We also do a Park Hopper as well because sometimes one park closes sooner or you feel like going back to Cars Land. ;) We just got back [April 2018] from taking our 3 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old. We did a 5 day Park Hopper for the price of 4! It was perfect with all these babies! If you're kids are older or you just have 1 or 2, I'd say 3 days is perfect! If you have babies or have more kids, I would definitely recommend 4 or 5 days. That gave us time to leave early or go later, it was so nice!

I use a double stroller (Joovy from Amazon) and pack snacks and water. I take my Tula to wear my baby in longer lines where you can't have the stroller and also just wear them on the ride. Both of my babies nap great in the stroller!

If your child uses a wheelchair you can go to guest services, it's to the left right when you walk into the park, and get a wheelchair pass. I used the wheelchair pass with our stroller too. It's just a sticker that you can attach to it. For rides where the stroller or wheelchair can't fit in the line, go to the exit, they will scan your tickets and give you a time to come back. If the line is wheelchair accessible you can just go in the line. Then your stroller or wheelchair will be waiting at the exit.


We LOVE character dining!! They're SO fun and worth every penny! Not only do you not have to wait in line to see characters but you get time with them. Each dining experience has around 5 characters and they each come to your table. It's so much fun! We love Mickey's Surf's Up, Minnie's on Main Street, or Goofy's Kitchen. I love the convenience of Minnie's right there at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland on Main Street. The others are in hotels so sometimes it can be a bit of a walk. Get Away Today has character dining tickets and the gratuity is included. I've used the regular vouchers at both Mickey's Surf's Up and Goofy's Kitchen.



Get the Mickey waffles with the caramel banana syrup!! SO GOOD!


If you have a child who isn't big enough to ride the bigger rides, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, etc. Be sure to get a "Rider Switch Pass". You tell the worker, scan your ticket and then when you get off the ride you'll give those tickets to the other people in your party and they can go to the fast pass lane and ride. You have 1 hour to use those.

Taking kids to Disneyland is the best, but THIS definitely helps make it worth it!! :)


Download the Disneyland app for ride wait times, maps, photo pass, etc. They have a new MaxPass located on the app. You can purchase this daily for easy FastPass selections from your phone and it includes all the professional photos you take that day! So I'd pick a day, do all the FastPass rides & get all the photos you want from any of the photographers around the parks and you get unlimited downloads of your photos. It's $10 dollars a day, per ticket. So $30 for 3, etc.

Screenshot the photo QR code and put that as your screensaver. When any Disney cast member takes your photo have them scan that and all your photos will be in one place on your account!

If you want a balloon buy one first thing! If it pops or something happens to it they'll replace it for free. If it's your first time going or Birthday they have pins they'll give you, ask a cast member.

I think that's it for now... I'm sure I'll continue adding any tips/tricks I think of! Feel free to add yours in the comments below or ask any questions. We love this place!

If you're going to Disneyland have so much fun!!! It really is the best!

Thanks for reading!


- Jenna

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