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What do you mean direct sales?

"Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location."

I'm sure most of you are familiar with direct sales, especially thanks to Facebook, it's pretty well known these days. I'm sure some of you get annoyed seeing the posts or getting the messages, which honestly we all do (but there's a different way ;) that's a different post for another day). But let me see if I can shine a little light on why that friend of yours keeps on posting and keeps on messaging!

I'm sure some of you have bought a product or two from a friend or from someone at a booth. Which is AWESOME and I'm going to tell you why!

The direct sales industry is a billion dollar industry. There are more then 10,000+ companies worldwide. You probably wouldn't even recognize most of them but I'm sure you've heard of at least a few, again thanks to Facebook! ;)

These companies range from clothes, make-up, health and wellness, skincare, cooking supplies, traveling... You name it, there's probably a direct selling company all about it!

So instead of going to Mac, Ulta, Target, Walmart, [insert your favorite store here]... You go to your friend! How cool is that? Your friend started and has her own business! Why wouldn't you want to support her and shop with her? Of course you would!

There is a start-up fee, just like there are fees to start up any business, with direct sales these fees can be A LOT more affordable then if you were to open your own restaurant or store. The most expensive I know of is LuLaRoe and I've heard it's $5,000+ to open up shop. A lot of fees are anywhere from $40-$125. This is a great way to be in business for yourself without having to worry about having a huge overhead or a building or employees or paperwork or payroll, etc. someone else does all of that for you! Talk about true freedom!

I was introduced to direct selling or network marketing in 2012 when my Mom's friend shared this skincare with her. This was an anti-aging skincare and the results people were getting were amazing! I loved it! It was one bottle, easy to use and good for my skin! I decided to do the business and share this product because I loved it!

This is when I saw the power in direct selling. This is when I saw the true freedom.

You are your own boss! You can work literally anywhere. At the beach, in your office, at the park. Wherever you are that day, you can work! You can work whenever you want, you decide your hours. Your work involves sharing products you love with your friends and family. Sound like a dream? It is!

That's what I wanted for my family. I didn't want to be stuck in the rat race of 9-5. I wanted Dad to be around and not at work all day every day. I didn't want to be stuck making a certain amount each month, each year and that's it. I wanted to dream. I wanted financial freedom and the freedom to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Because we're in charge.

That's what "direct selling" can do for you or your friends!

How do you find out about most of the products you use? Commercials? Billboards? Or your friends? Most of the products we use we heard about from a friend! Especially with social media now days. We love sharing with others what works, what doesn't, why it's our favorite, etc.

Do you ever reach out and ask a friend? I do all the time! Because we trust them and their opinion. So why is it so terrible when a friend reaches out to you to share a product they love?

I use multiple "direct sales" products daily! Rodan + Fields, Younique, doTerra, Perfectly Posh, LipSense... just to name a few and I LOVE them! They're some of my favorite products!

One of the best parts about direct selling, like I talked about earlier, is that you are supporting your friend, not Walmart (or ANY store)! Holla!

She (or he) makes commission when you purchase from her. She gets rank advancements when you purchase from her. She earns points towards branded rewards from her company when you purchase from her. She earns points towards an all exclusive paid trip when you purchase from her.

You are supporting her and her goals and her dreams! No one else's.

THAT is why I love direct sales! It's so much more then just sales...

You won't meet a more driven, hard-working, get out of their comfort zone people, then direct sellers. You want a product shared with the world? Get these people on your side! ;)

So the next time you see a post or get a message from a friend, be kind, they're going after their dreams, they're supporting their family. Even if you aren't interested in their product, be supportive! The world needs more kindness!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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