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This was one of the best things we did for Jackson. I was really nervous for it because it's your child having surgery. But I kept hearing from Mom's how great it was, easy recovery and I couldn't agree more!

Jackson's eyes started moving around 8 months old. They would shake a little when we would rock him and then they started crossing. He got glasses which helped but his eyes would still cross a bit.

One of my favorite pictures of all time with my sweet crossed eyed boy.

On March 15, 2017 Jackson had strabismus surgery, or eye muscle surgery, to correct his eyes from crossing. He couldn't eat anything after 3:30am the morning of. My mom went with me and was a huge help and support. He was perfect before the surgery. Smiling & talking & he was so adorable in his little hospital gown. We got him all ready and carried him down the hall close to the surgery room. I passed him off to the anesthesiologist and he took him back. Which was so hard... but I didn't mind not witnessing the going under part because he hates it and it's so sad.

We went to the waiting area and waited...

Dr. Young came and talked to us after she was done with the surgery. She said he didn't like the anesthesia but everything went great!

He was pretty sleepy when we got called back to be with him. When he woke up he was so sad and cried and cried. I knew he was starving, of course. They always caution feeding right after surgery because they don't want them to throw up but I knew that's what he wanted. After he ate he was perfect again. He got back to himself a lot faster then the MRI. His eyes were really red on the inside, where the surgery took place, and a little bloody. He did awesome and is the sweetest boy.

One of the best things we ever did was this surgery!! His eyes hardly cross now. I've seen them cross a handful of times since the surgery. So grateful for amazing doctors and nurses and what they can do for us. Such a blessing!

If you have a child that has strabismus, I can't recommend this surgery enough! Makes a HUGE difference! Feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna




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