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Today on FB live I talked about a book I'm currently reading, well listening to ;) I LOVE audiobooks! I can listen when I shower, get ready, cooking, driving... perfect for a busy mom who wants to "read"! It's called...

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

In this book he shares his research on HAPPINESS! Interesting right?! I love research on anything! I think it's so interesting.

He says that happiness is not just a mood it's a work ethic! EVERYONE can have happiness, you just have to work at it at times.

Here are the 7 Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work!

1. Meditation

- Taking time to listen to your breathing & relax. Love listening to the spa channel on Pandora!

2. Find something to look forward to

- I LOVE this one & totally do this! Especially with trips. I love going on vacation and thinking about them brings me happiness for sure. But it doesn't have to be a vacation or something big. Time with family, a lunch date with a friend, pick something & put it on your calendar.

3. Commit conscious acts of kindness

- Try it! Pick one day a week and make a point to commit 5 acts of kindness that day. Don't just look back and think of something nice you did, do it on purpose.

4. Infuse positivity in your surroundings

- This is why people have pictures of loved ones on their desk at work. Why we decorate our homes, it brings happiness. At times we may need to change our surroundings. Watching less negative TV, specifically violent media, the happier we are! Imagine that?! Huge reason I rarely watch the news.

5. Exercise - I think we've all heard to exercise but I thought the studies on this were so fascinating and really prove this really does make a HUGE difference! They had 3 control groups related to depression. One group exercised, one group exercised and took medication and the last group just took medication. The research showed the exercise proved to be just as helpful as the medication. (I know medication is good and people need it for sure!) But this research really showed the power in exercise and what it can do for our bodies! They looked at the relapse and that's where the surprise is. The exercise control group was WAY lower, with a relapse rate of only 9%! Don't underestimate moving!! Biking, walking, running, playing tag... anything!

6. Spend money... not on stuff!

- Spend money on experiences or on other people. Stuff can bring us happiness at times but not near as long lasting! I just bought all new make-up and I'm super excited and happy about it! ;) But the research shows lasting happiness is in experiences or on other people. Which totally makes sense!

7. Exercise a signature strength

- Everyone is good at something! Find that something and use it daily. Go to to find your strengths.

Use these happiness exercises in your daily life to see and feel an increase in happiness! You will feel better, you'll be more efficient and you'll be more motivated and productive! I think we could all use all of those things.

No more saying or thinking I'll be happy when I get that promotion. I'll be happy when we have a nicer home. I'll be happy when I have enough money that I don't have to worry.

We need to be and find happiness NOW! That's what will help us get that promotion, which will make us more money to buy our dream home. Happiness leads to success!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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