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You know you're a Mom when you get a new diaper bag for your Birthday and you're super excited about it! :P

I've had the Honest Company backpack diaper bag for a while now. I love the look! But when I put all my stuff in it, it felt pretty small and some of the pockets in front became unusable. Like the insulated pocket that's supposed to be for bottles. That became my phone/chapstick pocket. I'm about to have 3 kiddos (in diapers, hoping we move to 2 soon ;) so I need a good sized bag!!

I love the backpack & the look of the faux leather so I started looking into Fawn Design or KiKi Lu. Both look super nice & functional! But you'll spend around $160 on one bag + the messenger strap + the stroller straps + the changing pad... it adds up!

SO when I came across this one I couldn't pass it up!

I really love supporting small business and I'm a sucker for good branding!! I'll also totally pay for a product that I really want/feel like I will get plenty of use out of it/quality, etc. BUT I couldn't pass this up!! (Cause I totally love a good deal too!!)

Watch my review on YouTube HERE!!

Super excited to use it, see what I think & see how it holds up!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading/watching!!

- Jenna


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