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Oh it can be frustrating right?! You've told them a million times not to bite/hit/yell, why won't they listen?

Toddlers like to test their boundaries and they like to push buttons. You've never heard that before right?! They want to know what you're going to do. They want to know the next day if you'll do anything different.


As hard as it sometimes is this is HUGE! Your reaction could determine if this behavior gets repeated in the future or not.

Calmly state, "I won't let you bite that's not safe", and block the behavior. If they continue trying or don't stop, say, "I can see you really want to bite something right now, here you can bite this pillow".

I wouldn't give it attention so that it's less likely to continue. Attention doesn't have to be all praise. It can be talking to them about it for a longer period of time, having a strong reaction, etc. That can cause these types of behaviors to continue.

If a toddler starts hitting, do the same thing. Block the behavior. "I can't let you hit, that hurts me. You can hit the couch or the ground". I like to tell my toddler what he can do. I think it helps A TON!

If you're on a play date and you know they'll probably hit stay close by so you can block them from hitting. I know we're not always right next to our kids but if you know they've been hitting lately, be there with them.

If you are away and they hit. Go up calmly and say, "I can't let you hit your friend that's not safe". Model apologizing to the friend. "I'm so sorry he/she hit you. Are you okay?" Your child will pick up on saying sorry all on his own. You don't have to tell him to. He'll do it. I've seen this with my toddler. When he processes it and realizes, he'll say sorry by himself.


Be consistent with this and you will see a difference. My toddler rarely bit or hit. When he did I would do exactly what I talked about above and it didn't continue for very long.

I know it can be frustrating for sure. But they'll learn. Remember they're really not little for long!

You got this Momma!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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