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Here are some of my favorite baby products! I love researching everything, asking my Momma friends and finding the best deals/best products. So I'll share what I've found & have loved! I'll link everything on Amazon or website so you can take a look.


For my first I decided on the Britax B-Agile and I loved it! I found a brand new one on KSL and got it for a great price. It's lightweight, works and pushes great. Love the big canopy on it. I also got an adapter to fit our Chicco car seat.

The only thing I didn't love was the storage underneath was really small and now that we've used it for a couple of years, the strap that adjusts the seat to laying down or sitting up is all weird and twisted. So that's not ideal. But it's been a great stroller! Here are a few pictures! :)


When I had my second I needed a double stroller. I wanted the City Select because it's the Cadillac of double strollers but it's also a lot of money! My husband was sure I could find something just as good for cheaper. So I continued looking and found the Joovy double stroller and I LOVE IT! AND it was only like $160!! SO cheap! One of my friends had both of these strollers and she told me she preferred her Joovy. It's super easy to fold up, unfold, has a huge storage underneath, which I LOVE because you know how the stroller gets. Love how long the seats are, love the buckles. Pushes easy and great. It's deceiving, you think it's pretty wide until you push it right through a door frame! Fits everywhere! I've really loved this stroller and have no complaints!

My view looking down :) One of my favorites! I LOVE baby feet!

The bar is removable but we left it on at Disneyland thinking that it helped keep Lincoln in a little better.


My boys LOVE the Mam pacifier or binkie! They have 0-6 months and 6 month +. Both of my boys used the smaller one for a few months and then they liked the 6 month +.

This was at this sweet boy's EEG appointment. His hair kills me!


My FAVORITE are the Carter's swaddle blankets! They're the best!! Because they're stretchy! So you can get it nice and snug and above the baby's shoulder. They stay swaddled SO much better then any other blanket I've used.

We love any kind of soft blanket! You can never have too many blankets with babies.


I loved my JJ Cole backpack diaper bag! It had a ton of pockets. Fit everything really well. I just got sick of the pattern quickly. I wanted the faux leather look so I got the Honest Company backpack diaper bag. I love the look but it's not very functional at all. Wider is better for a diaper bag but obviously you don't want it too wide as a backpack. This one was too vertical. Once you got it packed you couldn't use the front for bottles at all. That became my phone, chapstick, etc. pocket. It fits pretty tight. So with a 3rd baby on the way I wanted one with more room!

I asked my Momma friends on Facebook what their favorite diaper bag was and heard A LOT of Fawn Design. I was looking at that one or the KiKi Lu. A few of my friends had both and didn't like that the pockets in the Fawn weren't stretchy so it was hard to fit a bottle. Also quality was an issue. One of my friends started peeling by the zipper and a ton of zippers broke. But I know a lot of people that love that bag!

While looking at reviews on YouTube I came across Miss Fong on Amazon. It's a Fawn Design look alike and it's ONLY $45 bucks on Amazon!! I know, crazy right?! I still can't get over the price. I was going to spend $160 on a diaper bag. Even if it is cheaper quality I could almost buy 4 for the price of 1 Fawn!! I love it though and the quality seems great to me! Here is my review on YouTube when I first opened it and here's when it was packed!


I chose the Chicco Keyfit 30 for my infant car seat. They have great safety ratings and I love the base. Easy to install and so nice to be able to leave that in the car. I sold my first one and bought another one with my second. I don't love hanging onto car seats just in case the manufactures update anything!

For a convertible car seat I got the Britax Marathon Clicktight. I love that it's easy to install and it gets super tight because of the click tight part. You can look it up on their site or YouTube. It's pretty heavy, honesty they all are and I don't love opening the seat every time to install it. They need to make a way for the seat part to stay up while installing. Kind of annoying when doing it by yourself. But like I said, it's easy and gets super tight, which I love.

For my second I got the Chicco Nextfit Zip because so many of my Mom friends loved it! You can zip off the cover and throw it in the wash. I actually haven't done that yet.... lol. I love that it can recline, it's nice and padded and super easy to install with the anchors. It's just like the base of the Chicco Keyfit.


See my must-have items for a sick baby here!


I looked at highchairs and wanted something that was easy to set up & wipe down. So I got the highchair from IKEA. It's only $20 bucks. Yeah, can you tell I love a good deal?! So cheap, lightweight, small and super easy to wipe down. We've loved it!

Hope this helps you find a good deal or find for your family!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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