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So you want your kid out of diapers right?!

You're sick of changing diapers, especially poopy ones, especially if they're 3+... ;)

I know exactly what you mean. I was totally there!

Here are my tips/tricks/advice for potty training any child!

First, let it go!

Don't be stressed. Don't be worried. Don't be freaking out about it. Especially if you've tried and your child didn't pick up on it or if your child continually has accidents.

This was HUGE for me! I had heard a lot about potty training and I always heard they'll do it when they're ready. So that was my attitude. I knew my son would do it when he was ready. I definitely asked him, tried to see if he'd wear underwear... nope! Wouldn't have it. So I dropped it. I was feeling like trying again and sure enough he was willing, went in the toilet and wanted to wear the underwear. So we went for it!

I read the 3 Day Potty Training guide by Lora Jensen. Her website is I really liked it and found it very helpful! I read it starting the second day and luckily I was doing most of what she suggests. I changed asking him, "Do you need to potty?" to what she says about reminding them... "Tell me when you have to go potty!"

Trust your child!

A couple ways to know if your child is ready...

1. Will they wear underwear?

2. Will they sit on the toilet?

If they won't or they resist in any way, I would wait until they will! It's not worth the stress, accidents, etc. One day they'll be ready!

When they're ready, take 3 days, or however long you need, and teach them to go in the potty. It's more about them learning the feeling of needing to go potty, knowing to say I need to go and then going.

Those 3 days are going to be focused on your child! This is like potty training a puppy. You really have to stay with them all the time so you can watch if they start to dance or hold themselves... you can say, remember to tell me when you have to potty! And hopefully they will. Stay home and just focus on this.

Have everything ready!

Lots of underwear, in case of accidents, water, some crackers so they'll drink more ;) and rewards!!

I went to the Dollar Store and got two bags. One for pee surprises and one for poop surprises. (My son actually came with me and helped pick out the surprises because of our crazy summer schedule but I would just go by yourself and pick them out so they really are a surprise!)

Every time he went pee in the potty he got to pick a reward from the pee bag! He was so excited and loved the toy. I loved it because it really kept him occupied and playing all day! It was nice! :)

Rewards are HUGE!! We work for money. Give them something to work for. Especially with something that is new.

Also, give them A TON of praise!!

You're such a big boy/girl.

I'm so proud of you for going in the toilet.

Way to go buddy/sis.

You're getting so big.

They will feel accomplished and so proud of themselves too.

FaceTime Grandma & Grandpa to tell them the big accomplishment & how well he/she is doing!

To start I sat my son backwards on the toilet. I think that helped him feel more secure. Then we realized he could reach if he stood, so he started standing.

Relax and have fun with it! They won't be wearing diapers forever, I promise! ;)

They really aren't little for long...

Thanks for reading!


- Jenna



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