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A lot of people have asked us if it was hard to decide to have more children, not knowing exactly what Jackson has, and not knowing if we are carriers of this gene or not.

Honestly, for us it wasn't hard.

My husband and I have both felt like this was just Jack's thing and that we weren't carriers. So far that seems to be the case. Usually, people who have a child with Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation are both carriers of a specific gene and it's very common if you have one child with CDG to have another child with it too.

We've done a lot of genetic testing and they can't find the gene so we don't know the subtype of CDG that Jackson has for sure. We're doing a few more genetic tests to see if we can get any more answers. Not only for us because any information is great but also to help out people in the future that are diagnosed with this specific type of CDG.

What saves me, is my faith.

My faith in my Savior and my Father in Heaven. My faith in their love and their plan for me, and my kids.

I know that everything happens for a reason, that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us and part of that plan for our family is Jackson. I know if we had another child with a disability it would all be a part of His plan and I would be able to handle it because He would give me strength.

Does that make it easy to accept? Not always. But it usually doesn't take me too long... ;)

When we had our third baby, baby sis, I thought about it at the beginning and wondered what Heavenly Father's plan was for her. Would she have CDG too or would she develop average?

[This is a picture from a video I took when we brought sister home from the hospital. He's been obsessed with her from day one! Cutest thing ever!]

We're watching her as she grows and so far so good! She's already so strong at 4 months old. It doesn't seem like she has CDG.

But if she does. We'll love her just the same!

Of course, we would rather our children be unaffected but Jack has brought such a light and joy to our life. We know that everything happens for a reason and that Heavenly Father has a plan. We know that He will lead & guide us in all things.

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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