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I've been trying to be more intentional with social media lately and I LOVE it!

I love social media. I obviously love sharing. I love the connections that can be made, the friends that turn to real life friends, how you can learn from other people and be inspired.

But I don't like how easy it is to get sucked in, waste time, compare ourselves or get in a funk. You know what I mean?!

So I deleted Facebook off my phone and stopped scrolling Instagram for a while and only shared! It was so nice. I honestly haven't missed it. Sure it's fun to see what people are up to but I've personally felt SO much better. No funk from scrolling aimlessly and wasting time...

I'm also in a really good place with social media and have been for a while honestly. I don't post for the likes or comments. I post because I want to share, update family or friends & for my Chatbooks. If no one likes or comments, that's totally fine. I hope what I share helps someone, is a good update, or inspiring but I do it because I want to share & document. Not because I want likes or comments.

I think this is a game changer when it comes to social media.

I'm huge on trying to be present with whatever I'm doing!!

If I'm playing with my kids, with friends, at Disneyland, with family, at church...

that's what I'm doing!

I'm a huge believer in EVERYTHING can wait and all about being present!

I use my phone to record and take pictures obviously so how do I do it?

Here are things that help me BE AND STAY PRESENT!

1. I have ALL notifications for apps turned OFF!! (FB messages, Instagram, badge icon for e-mail, etc.)

2. I have notifications ON for text messages, phone calls, Marco Polo & Snapchat (because I don't get a ton).

3. I have my e-mail, messenger, Facebook and Instagram on the second page on my phone so I don't see them on my home screen.

4. I check the apps with no notifications when I decide and have some down time. I don't need to know right away when someone made a post or commented on my post. I don't need to know the moment I get an e-mail or when someone messages me on Facebook (so if you need me, text or call :) I check when I have some down time so my phone's not dinging every 2 seconds and I'm not getting distracted all day.

4. I NEVER post in real time! Occasionally I will on my stories. I use Snapchat to record everything, because I like sharing with family easily, and then I save it all and share later on Instagram. I'm weird about sharing in real time on my public account anyway. Most of my personal posts are before bed or in the morning. Have you noticed that?!

5. Most of the time I charge my phone in the kitchen so it's not the last thing I look at before bed or the first thing. Sometimes I'll read or look at stuff before bed but I make sure there's balance.

I'm of course not perfect at all of this but I'm pretty dang good at it and I try to keep it in check! It's so easy to get distracted these days and be on our phones constantly.

So let's focus a little more on real life & a little less on the social media life.

Try any or all of it and let me know what it does for your life!

Thanks for reading!


- Jenna


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