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Sometimes life is hard. We all have hard things we deal with.

Social media has a way of helping us forget this sometimes. We compare our messy, crazy lives to others highlight reel. We need to remember it is just that, a highlight reel. But I've found a lot of people are so good about being real, honest & sharing their version of "hard stuff". No matter who you are, we ALL go through hard things & I dare to say, often.

It's not what we're given but how we react that makes all the difference.

When we decided to start our family, we were of course, excited!! It's such an exciting time. We got pregnant relatively quickly, told our families & then I had a miscarriage. I remember being so upset that they knew we were trying. The surprise was now ruined and all I wanted was to be pregnant... I really couldn't wait to be a mom.

I remember during this time thinking...

Would I get pregnant?

What was God's plan for me?

How long is it going to take for me to get pregnant?

Would I deal with infertility?

Would we adopt?

I remember being in my bathroom and literally thinking about this. I wanted to know His plan.

Then I remember thinking I should focus on the here and now and find joy in this journey. I should enjoy this time with just my husband and I because our lives will forever be different with children. This was our time. I remember thinking we should travel. We should do all the things that are a bit different once you have children. In a good way of course, but it's definitely not as relaxing! ;)

This isn't meant to minimize hard times or say we shouldn't be sad, mad, etc.

Because we should and we have to. It's okay to feel sad, mad, frustrated, angry... but don't stay there! Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

Changing my perspective and what I thought about, was everything!

Even with my third pregnancy. Not knowing if or when it would happen. I focused on enjoying my two boys. Things will be crazier with a third baby.

I had no idea I would have my babies so close in age. I had no idea my second pregnancy would be a surprise, making them 17 months apart. I had no idea that surprise baby would have a really rare genetic disorder. I had no idea we'd add a third baby two years later.

The older I get the more & more I realize that it's God's plan that unfolds, not mine. It's amazing to witness, watch & be apart of.

He lives & loves us.

He has a plan.

Trust Him, even when it's hard.

Thanks for reading!


- Jenna



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