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"My daughters name is Maddox! She is 3. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta aka brittle bones. She was born with a broken femur but was not diagnosed until she was 7 months!! I wish I knew then the community that will support you is real and life changing.

If you are going through a diagnosis I would suggest you allow yourself to feel all you have to at first. It can be an emotional rollercoaster. And make connections! They will help you strive. It takes time to come to terms with new diagnosis and the future of your baby, but I think once you start learning and advocating you will feel a sense of pride.

I think for me, it is hard to accept the last break will never be the last and I can’t take the pain from her, but I can advocate to make sure she is receiving the best care and is as comfortable as she can be.

The best thing someone said to me when I was going through it was to not settle. I really thought the doctors opinion was the only one but it turns out I was able to get Maddox to a place that specializes in her condition and is incredible.

The worst thing that I think you can hear in the beginning is the things people think they are saying to help. “It could be worse” although maybe it could be worse, it's unfair when you feel like your world is falling apart for people to say that you shouldn’t be upset because it could be worse? No! Feel it and express it and be a mess if you have to at first! It will all translate to strength in the end. :)"

- Brittany

Thank you so much for sharing Brittany and thank you so much for reading!


- Jenna




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