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One of my favorite things about Instagram is the community and the people I've met that I've became friends with. People I wouldn't have met otherwise. Megan, is one of those people. She's one of my favorites. Meet Megan!

"Hi!!! I’m Megan and I have a rare form of dwarfism called Metatropic Dysplasia. My parents received the diagnosis after I was born. My mom being a NICU nurse knew that there was something wrong from when she first saw me. I have a twin sister who is unaffected. Many people say oh does she look like you? And I always say the world can only handle one Megan!

I am 26 and graduated for college with my bachelors degree in education and am now back in school for my master’s of special education. I’m currently looking for a permanent teaching position.

I give so much credit to my twin who pushed me to keep up with her and also my parents for always allowing me to do whatever my heart wanted and to carry out my crazy plans.

Growing up wasn’t the easiest. I had many surgeries so that put me behind in school and I was put in special education. That is where my passion comes from to help other students in special education.

Please don’t look up what Metatropic Dysplasia is on the internet. It is the worst cases out there. I know my mom researched and was in tears. In Greek, it means the body is always changing. Please don’t ever ever give up. There are days that I am in so much pain but I get up because I want to see my students! I love hearing them tell the other students about and explaining how I’m different but the same. I use a scooter to get around for long distances but I walk on my own.

I have had about 26 surgeries to date! Each scar tells a different story! I stay positive by saying never give up to myself and making sure I surround myself with positive people! I love my life and wouldn’t change it for the world!! I always say everything happens for a reason and it surely does!!"

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Megan! And thank you for reading!


- Jenna



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